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Introducing the DingoMoto Kit – Your Minibike Shortcut! Got a frame or electric dreams? Let's fast-track your minibike dreams into reality. Inside this bundle of joy, we're dishing out an aluminum seat base that's practically begging for your creative touch. But wait, there's more! How about a controller, a smooth 72V to 12V step-down, a trusty motor, and a twist throttle that's raring to unleash some serious fun? And yes, we've even got an XT90 plug geared up to meet your battery. But the best part? We've taken care of the wiring magic, so it's practically plug-and-play. Seat, motor, throttle – bolt 'em in, plug in your battery, and voilà, you're primed for minibike glory!


* 6" extended kit is shown

DingoMoto Kit

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