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We may be relatively new kids on the minibike block, but boy, have we been making waves! Back in June 2022, we officially became an LLC and embarked on a whirlwind journey. It all started with Sam, armed with ingenuity and a bunch of Milwaukee battery packs, transforming a vintage frame into an electrifying marvel. That's when the spark ignited! Joined by their trusty cohorts Val and Jocelyne, former coworkers turned business partners, they've been taking the minibike world by storm. They've strutted their stuff at the Electrify Expo in Long Beach, CA not once, but twice! They even rubbed handlebars with fellow minibike enthusiasts at Joe's Minibike Reunion and showcased their mind-blowing builds at SEMA Ignited. As if that wasn't enough, they were invited to flex their minibike muscles at the prestigious Handbuilt Show in Austin, TX. With your support, we're ready to kick it into high gear and continue this wild minibike adventure!


The team (from left to right): Sam, Valentin, and Jocelyne 

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