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  • What is the range of a DingoMoto on a single charge?
    Ah, the range of an e-bike on a single charge is like the mysterious power of a unicorn—it depends on various factors! From battery type to the mode you choose and even your own weight, it all comes into play. But fear not, my friend! On average, if you're cruising in the second mode, get ready for an impressive range of around 35 miles. Adventure awaits!
  • How fast can a DingoMoto go?
    Our DingoMoto e-bike zooms with a top speed of 55 mph! We're not responsible for the wind messing up your hairdo or your friends struggling to keep up. Buckle up, hold on tight, and prepare to leave the slowpokes in your dust! Just remember, the excitement comes with a sprinkle of responsibility. Enjoy at your own risk and always ride with a smile!
  • What is the weight capacity of the DingoMoto?
    Our trusty minibike can handle riders weighing up to approximately 275 pounds. But hey, if you're on the heavier side, fear not! You can always upgrade the motor for some extra oomph. We've got your back (and your weight) covered. We believe in pushing boundaries, both on the road and with weight limits!
  • Can I ride it off-road?
    Ready to unleash your wild side? Our DingoMotos are hardtails, equipped with front suspension for off-road adventures that'll make your heart race! Just a friendly heads-up: while the soft temperpedic foam offers a touch of comfort, it won't turn rocks into marshmallows. Embrace the adventure, but be ready for an exhilarating (and occasionally bumpy) ride!
  • Are there different sizes available for the DingoMoto?
    DingoMoto understands that one size doesn't fit all riders. That's why we offer two sizes to suit your unique style. The standard frame measures 43" long, ideal for those seeking a nimble and compact ride. Need some extra legroom to stretch out or want to ride with someone else? Opt for the 6" extension, extending the total length to an impressive 49". Prepare to embrace the road (and trails) in a ride tailored just for you!
  • Are there any specific maintenance requirements for DingoMotos?
    Before you hop on your trusty DingoMoto, a quick maintenance check will keep the good times rolling smoothly. Tighten those bolts, lube up your chain, make sure your tires are pumped with air, and ensure your battery is charged and ready for action. With these simple steps, you'll be cruising carefree, leaving your worries in the dust!
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