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Attention, innovators and creators! Brace yourselves for a mini-bike revolution with our extraordinary 6061 T6 light aluminum frame. It's time to embark on a journey of endless possibilities and unleash your inner genius. Will you electrify the streets with an electric drive train, ushering in a new era of silent speed and eco-friendly adventures? Or perhaps you're a connoisseur of tradition, yearning for the raw power and nostalgic charm of a gas engine. The choice is yours, my friend! Ride and enjoy at your own risk, because this frame is about pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and creating mini-bike magic like never before. So grab your imagination, tighten those bolts, and let the revolution begin!


Sold as art; not meant to be ridden. Ride and enjoy at your own risk.


* Refunds not available

Frame with Fork Kit

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